SG Special - Inverness Green

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2021 Gibson SG Special in a Limited Run Inverness Green nitro gloss finish. Cosmetically this guitar has a couple of small lacquer checks at the nut (on the bottom side of the neck) but otherwise is good as new! The frets are shiny with no wear and the pickguard even still has the protective plastic on it. The guitar plays cleanly up and down the neck with nice action and no buzzes or issues - all pickups and controls work as they should. Comes in the original case with the warranty card, manual, and case candy! 

Make and Model: Gibson SG Special - Inverness Green

Year: 2021 made in Nashville, TN

Condition: Excellent! a couple of small lacquer checks at the nut (on the bottom side of the neck)

Originality: 100% Original parts 

Weight: 6.65lbs

Playability: Fresh out of Gibson USA this one plays great! The slim taper neck is comfortable and fast - set up properly and rings like a bell. Throw a custom color finish on top and you may just have a tough time putting this SG down! 

Shipping: Secured & Insured to CONUS 

STL Local?: Pick-up & Drop-off Available - please contact to set an appointment