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"Nick's Hand-Picked Guitars first began in 2020 as an outlet to document and share stories of the vintage and unique, collectible guitars that I have spent most of my life researching and hunting down. More than just an instrument to me, the electric solid-body guitar is a tool that has shaped culture since its invention in the late 1940s. Don't get me wrong I really do love all guitars period. but American made electric guitars specifically have written stories of triumph and growth throughout history that help explain the past in a way that helps make sense of life today. I find it fascinating how a guitar from say 1952 can to this day be a tool that progresses modern music and culture - while at the same time be a direct illustration of both the struggles and victories of the past. My goal with Nick's Hand-Picked is to bring those stories to life in the hopes of providing guitarists and enthusiast alike with a way to experience firsthand the rich history of the electric guitar that has personally made me so passionate about a block of wood and wire." - Nick

Here at nickshandpicked.com enthusiasts are able to read the stories, listen to playing demos, and watch videos of the special guitars within Nick's own "Hand-Picked" collection that gives us our name. While here, consider taking home a hand-picked guitar of your own! Team NHP is always on the hunt for vintage and unique electric guitars that are sure to be a star in any collection. 

Whether you are here to tap into guitar stories, sell your gear, or talk over taking home a hand-picked collectible guitar of your own - we are so grateful that you stopped by!  A purchase from Nick's Hand-Picked is one that is unique to each customer and your experience is our top priority - please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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Est. 2020
St. Louis, Missouri USA