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"Nick's Hand-Picked Guitars emerged in 2020 as an avenue to chronicle and unveil captivating narratives surrounding vintage, unique, and collectible guitars. These instruments, which I've devoted an obsessive amount of time researching and tracking down, hold profound significance to me. They represent far more than mere tools; they embody cultural evolution since their birth in the late 1940s.

Now, don't misunderstand me—I adore guitars of all kinds. However, American-made electric guitars, in particular, possess an extraordinary ability to recount tales of triumph and progress throughout history. They offer insights into the roots that shape our present-day culture both at home and abroad. Witnessing how a guitar from the 1950s can still wield its influence in modern music and culture, while simultaneously reflecting the struggles and victories of yesteryears, I feel is nothing short of captivating.

With Nick's Hand-Picked Guitars, I aspire to breathe life back into these stories. My ultimate aim is to provide guitarists and enthusiasts alike with an opportunity to intimately engage with the electric guitar's rich and storied history. This history, which has personally ignited an unwavering passion within me, is a testament to the profound impact a mere combination of wood and wire can have on he human experience. 

Join me on my journey to unravel the lost tales behind historic guitars and uncover the essence of what truly makes the electric guitar special."
- Nick

Welcome to nickshandpicked.com, where enthusiasts can dive into the stories, listen to playing demos, and watch videos showcasing the hand-picked collection of guitars available for purchase. The NHP team is always on the prowl for vintage and unique electric guitars that are destined to shine in any collection!

Whether you're looking to sell your gear, shop our current collection, or just talk all things guitar, we're thrilled that you've stopped by! At Nick's Hand-Picked, your guitar journey is our utmost priority, and each purchase is a one-of-a-kind experience tailored specifically to you. Please don't hesitate to reach out and get in touch! 

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