Custom Shop '63 Journeyman Stratocaster

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Hot as a '63 Chevy C10 


A guitar from Fender's legendary Custom Shop is something that a lot of people never get the chance to experience. To some, this may just be another guitar with a unique paint job but to others this is a piece of memorabilia that connects the present with a rich, history filled past. Now, this guitar was not made in 1963 - it is a recreation to the T! Hand built in the newly ironic town of Corona, California, this Stratocaster is a replica of what would have been the top of the line American Standard at the time. It features a "Journeyman" relic job meaning every nick, bump, scratch, and chip were strategically placed to portray a guitar that has been well used, but cherished for many years. 

A couple years back I got the opportunity to take a tour of the Fender Custom Shop and even more so than the quality of people and product, it was Fender's dedication to the preservation of history that blew me away.  To this very day Fender mostly uses all of the same machining, cutting tools, and manufacturing equipment that Leo Fender himself used to develop some of his first Strats in 1954. 

This Surf Green '63 Stratocaster is more than just a look-a-like, it is cut from the same cloth as guitars made over 60 years ago. A truly preserved example of guitar history that inspires me every time I pick it up - making it a favorite of my hand picked personal collection. 

- Nick


Make: Fender USA
Model: Custom Shop 1963 Journeyman Relic Stratocaster 
Year: 2018 30th Anniversary Edition - Hand Built in Corona, CA
Color: Seafoam Green  
Dexterity: Right-Handed 
Pickups: Hand-Wound '60s 
Neck: Roasted Bird's Eye Maple w/ AAA Rosewood Fretboard
Noted: No breaks, repairs, or resprays, 
*Special Edition for 2018 NAMM* 

No Longer Available - Enjoy Ron!!