'65 Twin Reverb Amp

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Limited Edition - only 92 made for North America!

This ‘65 spec Twin Reverb has a British Tan Vinyl covering with a Wheat grille cloth and produces some of the best and most authentic Fender clean tones on the market. Only reason for selling, this amp is just too much for my personal needs.

Virtually Brand New with no more than 10 hours of play-time. This amp from the local guitar center goes for significantly more - here is a perfect example in a Limited Edition layout for a used price!

Included: Fender fitted cover & vib/rev foot switch

Features: • 2 Jensen C12K Speakers • 4 6L6 Output tubes • 4 12AX7 Preamp tubes • 2 12AT7 tubes • Reverb & Vibrato



No Longer Available - Enjoy Marcus!