'57 AVRI Stratocaster

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A true representation of an American classic, the Fender American Vintage 1957 Re-issue is built to original specifications of the Stratocaster made in 1957. At the height of the maple-neck era Fender was producing magic out of their Fullerton factory in 1957. The American Vintage Re-issue Series represents some of the first remakes of Fender's greatest makes and models in recent years. First introduced at the end of CBS ownership in the late 80s, this AVRI line of guitars was discontinued after only a few years until they were once again re-born in 1998 once Fender had undergone new ownership.

This specific guitar was built in 2011. All original case candy is included in the original 50s style hardshell case! 

Make and Model: Fender ‘57 American Vintage Re-issue 

Year: 2011 made in Corona, CA

Condition: Excellent! Minor scratches and wear of a 10-year-old guitar

Originality: 100% Original parts and hardware minus installed custom Goez pickup set-in neck and middle position. The originals are in the case!

Playability: Soo fun - classic Strat feel! Something about late 50s strat is just too good… 

Measurements: Alder Body w/ 1-Piece Maple, “V” Shape Neck. 7.25-inch Fingerboard Radius with 21 Vintage Style frets