1981 Les Paul Custom

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Like a Broken-in Baseball Glove


Natural wear and tear accumulates over time on a hard loved vintage guitar. Thus adding a unique character to an already special instrument. This is what I am after when hunting down vintage guitars for my own collection. 

This Les Paul is a perfect example of just that! 

Experience a visual representation of someone's timely dedication to a craft of the guitar - I am certain this beauty will be one of the most inspirational guitars you will ever enjoy. Like your old broken in baseball mitt, you know this '81 is something special as soon as you pick it up. 

Pictured below you can see examples such as paint wearing off the back of the neck from, gold hardware with a tasteful patina, and body wear that resembles natural erosion. On top of being a killer example of a loved vintage player - this Les Paul has an absolutely killer tone! Equipped with the desirable Tim Shaw PUPS that were outfitted on higher end Gibson's in the early to mid 80's, experience a true vintage feel and tone that bring's out the best in every player. 

Owning this guitar has been an absolute treat and will be hard to let go, but I am confident this Custom is someone's next best friend - and I cannot wait to see where it ends up!


 - Nick 

Make: Gibson 
Model: Les Paul Custom 
Year: 1981
Color: Black
Dexterity: Right-Handed 
Included: Original "Chainsaw" Hard-Shell Case, Fresh Strings/Setup,
Original Volume & Tone "Speed Knobs"

No Longer Available - Enjoy Seth!