1967 Gibson SG Special

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Tone Hound!


This '67 Gibson SG Special has that MOJO! A fat 60's Gibson neck and two screamin' P-90 pickups make this guitar one of my personal favorites to play. The "Bat Wing" style black pick guard tells me that this is a later 67 model SG Special and after dating both serial number (002293) and the original pots to Gibson records this SG checks out.


Original to the guitar...
- wrap tail bridge 
- Vibrato System
- What I believe to be "fretless wonder" frets that play great - medium life left 
- Volume & Tone knobs

- P90 Pickups - They're old and sound great but I am not sure what they exactly are. Check out sound samples linked below to form an opinion. Classic P-90 scream with a warm and bluesy outer layer - I love them! 
- Tuners - Changed to Kluson Deluxe Tuners that appear to be of around the same age as the guitar 
- Hard Shell Case -   Random from late 60's/early 70's 
Play Wear...
- a faint body checking covers most of the body and little nicks and dings can be found around the sharper edges of the guitar. Nickel parts have a lovely patina to them that shows a ton of character without effecting playability. 
- It is my belief that this guitar has also had a headstock repair in its 53 years of life. A repair was not disclosed by the previous owner but upon close evaluation there appears to be a faint crack that goes from the neck joint to the "b" string tuning peg. In my opinion this is just an  insignificant crack that was supported by minor repair work just as a precautionary measure. Plays, setts intonation, and feels as it should. Headstock damage was hard to find. *Please See pictures*

Price is a reflection of repairs and non original parts. This vintage Gibson is a PERFECT first vintage guitar. Own a 60's Gibson that screams mojo, plays and sounds kickass, but most importantly won't break the bank! 

No Longer Available, Enjoy Dave!