1967 Melody Maker SG

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A True Closet Queen


The Gibson Melody Maker was introduced in 1959 featuring a mahogany body and a one piece mahogany neck. Designed for more entry-level players - it featured up to three single coil pickups with all components pre-installed to the large front cover plate and placed into a rather large body route on the face of the guitar. A factory Vibrola Tremolo System, common to Gibsons at the time, was also an option for the Melody Makers of that era. 

The Melody Maker had taken on several different body shapes before being retired in 1971. This '67 is an example of the rightfully named "SG" shape. This guitar is also coined a Melody Maker "D" meaning it is a double pickup model. The Sparkling Burgundy finish glistens and is free of any major nicks and well as no body weather/age checking. Best yet the original case is in great shape and barely used. 

A true closet Queen - this guitar has lived the majority of its life locked away in its case in the back of the closet. Note from the previous owner revealed that this Melody Maker originally began its life in a town outside of Dallas, Texas where the previous owner's brother had received this guitar as a gift back in 1968. The poor thing never saw much action after that, but none the less has allowed for this Melody Maker to stay in great condition! 

The original pots are coded as follows: 137 6720 dating them to the 20th week of 1967.

Looking for someone to give this one the love it deserves

Make: Gibson 
Model: Melody Maker D
Mnf. Year: 1967
Color: Sparkling Burgundy 
Dexterity: Right-Handed 
Included: Original Gibson Melody Maker Case, and as always, a fresh setup with a new pack of strings!

No Longer Available - Enjoy Danny!