1966 Jaguar

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54 years in the making...


Old guitars play a little rough around the edges - they feedback, buzz, and pop when plugged in and fight back when played hard. But when it comes to experiencing a tone and feel that only can be found in a 60's Fender guitar this Jaguar brings a certain mojo that is hard not to fall in love with. 

All original including the case, bridge mute, and bridge cover. Light paint checking covers the body with no major dings or scratches. The original 66 pickups are dynamic and vibrant! Weighing only 8.3 lbs, this Jaguar is fun to play, sounds great, and is a piece of American History. 

This guitar has a 24" neck scale making it slightly shorter than the Jazzmaster and features a dotted fretboard with binding around the neck. This dot and binding combination was introduced in 1965 and lasted until 1966. The tremolo system on this Jaguar function as it should but original tremolo arm is missing. 

Make: Fender 
Model: Jaguar 
Mnf. Year: 1966
Color: 3 tone sunburst 
Dexterity: Right-Handed 
Included: Original Hard Shell Case, Original Bridge Mute and Cover 
*No repairs or re-sprays*

No Longer Available, Enjoy John!