Always Buying & Trading!

Are you harboring an overlooked guitar gathering dust in a forgotten corner? Or perhaps you possess a substantial collection you're ready to pass on? Well, I just might be the perfect buyer for you! Allow me to be upfront - I have a passion for pre-1990 USA made guitars, as well as Custom Shop and other distinctive/rare variations.

Renowned makers like Gibson, Fender, Hamer, Gretsch, Epiphone, Paul Reed Smith, and Ernie Ball are among the brands I hold extensive knowledge and passion for. I'd cherish the opportunity to engage in a conversation about your incredible gear!

At NHP, we're open to trade offers too! While we prioritize local (St. Louis, MO) guitar-for-guitar trades of comparable value, we're open to considering all ideas. Shipping for trades is also an option! Once a trade agreement is reached, we kindly request that customers first ship the traded item(s) to NHP. After a safe arrival and inspection, your new guitar will be promptly dispatched. NHP covers all shipping costs associated with trades.

Do you have an item for sale or wish to discuss potential trade ideas? Feel free to reach out to Nick directly at