“Hank”: a 1978 Hamer Sunburst

It was during my freshman year of high school that I first discovered the Hamer Sunburst. At that time I was taking weekly guitar lessons at the local music shop with an incredible player by the name of Troy Clark. Every Monday I would get an hour after school to sit down and riff with Troy and his super cool double-cut guitar with the "Hamer" name on the headstock. 
It was those days that not only helped shaped my own influence on the guitar but also was when I was introduced to my all time favorite electric guitar. The first time that I saw a picture of an original Hamer Sunburst, it was love at first sight. The deep flamed maple top matched with two DiMarzio Humbuckers and a double cut shape checked all the right boxes in design and looks preference. 
That's when I first began my wild goose chase to obtain an original Sunburst. I learned a lot about the art of sourcing a rare and collectable item online. From local classifieds to Hamer specific forums - I would spend a good few hours of my day scouring the internet. Sooner than later examples would pop up but always with some sort of modification or repair taking away from originality, and I was after the experience of an all original piece. I kid you not it took a year and half but my persistence paid off and in the midst of my sophomore year of HS I finally got the chance to plug in an original Hamer Sunburst from 1979!  
Fast forward to the year 2022 and I have been fortunate enough to come across another late 70s Sunburst that is just perfect. Nick-named "Hank" after its previous owner and legendary pedal steel guitarist and composer. From 1978 to 2023 the guitar has seen the likes of professional musicianship - I am honored to have it apart of the NHP Private Collection! 
Guitars can be like people as they come, and they go, but the memories made when experiencing those special guitars are what can never be taken away. Thanks for reading!