The Guy Behind the Gear

Hello there! My name is Nick, and I've been immersed in the world of guitar playing for over 15 years.

Growing up in the captivating and music-infused city of St. Louis, Missouri, my guitar journey began at the tender age of 7. Through private lessons and active involvement in local kids rock n' roll after-school programs, I honed my skills and developed a deep passion for the instrument.

As time went on, I found myself performing with a band at various local venues multiple nights a week. This exciting opportunity led me to professionally record music, grace the screens and airwaves of TV and radio, and perform for audiences of a couple thousand people before reaching my teenage years - It was an incredible confidence booster and a transformative experience!

What started as simply learning a song or two on the guitar evolved into a journey of self-discovery. In the years that followed, not only did my guitar collection expand, but so did I as a person. Though my dreams of pursuing a career in live music took a backseat to education and shifting life goals, music has remained an unwavering presence throughout my life. And whenever I veered off course, it was the electric guitar that brought me back without fail.

For me, the thrill of hunting down, connecting with, and collecting vintage guitars that carry stories is what transforms a mere hobby into an all-consuming passion. With years of experience in both collecting and playing a diverse range of guitars, I possess the confidence to identify the gems among the multitude of great instruments. I seek out guitars that possess character and can weave a tale. Guitars that possess a distinct sound and tonality that sets them apart from the rest. And above all, guitars that I'm truly proud to call my own.

If you share a similar fascination and interest, then you've come to the right place! Allow me to offer my expertise and see what I can do for you.

- Nick Sorel